HHG Drums Bocoté Forrest-Green Stave Snare

Bocoté Forrest-Green Stave Snare

HHG Drums

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The wood in this drum is beyond exceptional and unique. It's made from beautiful figured Bocoté, which comes from South America and Central America.  This wood species is very hard and dense which makes for an excellent tonewood for musical instruments.

The hardware on this drum makes for a beautiful visual contrast to the warm yellows, blacks, and Browns in the Bocoté. All of the lugs, Hoops, strainer, and butt plate have been powder coated with beautiful forest green Shimmer powder coat paint. Powder coated Hardware will not chip, and will not rust, it is the ultimate in durability, while providing a unique visual Counterpoint. The color used on this drum is a deep forest green, with black lowlights, and a slight metallic glitter.

Depth: 6" to 8"   
Diameter: 13" / 14"    
Shell thickness: 0,95cm  
Wood: Bocoté
Finish: High-Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer 
Bearing edge: 45° Inner Cut, 1/4" Roundover Outer  
Snare bed: 15,24cm wide - 0,3cm deep
Vintage Style Snare Strainer
Lugs: Forest Green Powder
2,3 Power Hoops