HHG Drums Gold Figured Zebrawood Stave Snare

Gold Figured Zebrawood Stave Snare

HHG Drums

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The wood in this drum is beyond exceptional and unique. I managed to get my hands on enough lumber to make four snare drums from this beautifully figured zebrawood. The drum you see in the pictures on this listing is the second drum to be made from this wood.

It sounds better than it looks, super crisp, focused, tons of volume, all while retaining excellent sensitivity and response through all tuning ranges. Not to not to mention the warm, woody tone that you can only achieve from zebra wood radiates from this shell. This could be a real work-horse snare, excellent for studio or live work.

Depth: 6" to 8"   
Diameter: 14"    
Shell thickness: 1,27cm    
Wood: Zebrawood
Finish: High-Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Bearing edge: 45° Inner Cut, 1/4" Roundover Outer  
Snare bed: 15,24cm wide - 0,3cm deep
DW MAG® Strainer + Triple Butt-End
30 Strand Snare Wires
Lugs: Gold/Brass Tube Lugs
Power Hoops