HHG Drums Reclaimed Douglas Fir Stave Snare

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Stave Snare

HHG Drums

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This shell is handcrafted with integrity from the finest hand selected hardwoods. All HHG Drums are built by a drummer for drummers. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most musical and articulate drums available today. We guarantee you will love your HHG Drum and it will hold a special place in anyone’s arsenal of instruments, from beginner to professional.

This snare has been in the works for awhile. It's made from reclaimed Douglas Fir crossarm braces from a telephone (utility) pole. It's a stave shell, 7/8" thick. It sounds better than it looks, super fat, meaty, loud, all while retaining excellent sensitivity and response through all tuning ranges. Its a true monster.

Depth: 6" to 8"   
Diameter: 14"     
Shell thickness: 2,22cm  
Wood: Douglas Fir
Finish: 4 Coats Hand Rubbed Tung-Oil     
Bearing edge: 45° Inner Cut, 1/4" Roundover Outer    
Snare bed: 15,24cm wide - 0,3cm deep
Vintage Style Snare Strainer
Lugs: Black Powder / Chrome Messing
Die-Cast Hoops