Duco Finish Custom Snare III

Masshoff Drums

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Udo schreibt:
The Duco finish is a classical finish of the hayday of drummaking, the 1930´s.
Any colour combination is possible. The finish is done like every finish here at Masshoff Drums by hand. The finish has an oldschool look because of the sanding process. Sometimes drums look rough and well used this is part of our style and spirit. We can use real gold, rust copper or even leave gold to create finishes.

Modell: Duco Finish Mark III
Handgefertigtes Unikat made in Berlin
gegossener Stahlkessel
Finish: Sandgestrahlt / Duco Finish
handgefertigter MASSHOFF Snareteppich mit 42 Spiralen
Snareabhebung von Trick
Hardwareteile mit Klavierfilz vom Kessel isoliert
2,3mm gravierte Powerhoops
Evans Coated Schlagfell (Power Center Reverse Dot)
Evans Glass 500 Resonanzfell

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